2019 Residential
 Mowing Rates

Simply Mowing has a lawn care plan for every budget. We can adapt our lawn care plans to your specific needs. Concerned about cost and don't plan on fertilizing or weed prevention? Our Economy Plan is probably perfect for you. Want a manicured and groomed lawn? With our Premium Plan your lawn will be the envy of all your neighbors.

Weekly service only, price per cut.

 Premium plan consists of weekly mowing with small walk behind mower, taking care to establish alternating patterns (stripes) to avoid rutting and stress on grass. Weekly edging of all concrete and lowered flower beds to create a crisp, straight edge. Weekly trimming with line trimmer to cut all grass missed by mower. Blow grass clippings back into lawn off all concrete (street, sidewalk, driveway and patios), landscaping and flower beds. Premium customers receive higher priority in scheduling including mowing days later in the week and catching up due to weather delays.

Discount plan consists of weekly mowing in most efficient manner. Trimming with line trimmer to keep up appearances. No edging of concrete or flower beds. Blow clippings off all concrete. Discount customer have lower priority scheduling than Premium customers. Discount customers require automated billing by credit card on file. Discount plan not available for fertilized lawns.

Small Lawns 0-6000 square feet
Discount  $24      Premium  $28

Medium Lawns 6-12K square feet
Discount $28       Premium $33

Large Lawns 12-17K square  feet
Discount $35       Premium $40

One time cuts

Small lawns $35   Medium lawns $40
Large lawns $48

Price for normal growth lawn. An additional charge will be applied for overgrown (7+ inches) cuts. Please allow 1 week notice for one time cuts. Requests for one time cuts with less than 1 week notice will be considered "emergency cuts" and will be priced accordingly.

Iowa state tax of 6% is applicable and added to these rates. All prices based off gross square footage of your lot before improvements. You can look up your lot size at www.iowaassessors.com or call us and we'll look it up for you! These prices are an estimate only, but are accurate on 90% of all city lots. Price could change due to difficulties such as steep hills, tiered landscaping, poor access due to small gates, etc. 6 mow minimum to qualify for weekly rates. Discount plans must prepay or agree to automated credit card billing. Lawns over 17K square feet call for estimate.

To sign up or inquire about service just fill out the contact form below.


  21" walk behind mower                     30" walk behind mower                       36" walk behind mower

Mowing FAQ's

How will I be billed?

Customers will be billed monthly on either the 1st or 15th by automated recurring credit card draws unless agreed upon otherwise. We use Stripe as our credit card processor.  A convenience fee may be applied for other forms of billing.  A notice and copy of your bill will be emailed 2 days prior to processing credit card transactions.

When will you come?  

For most yards the mowing season starts in mid-April.  May is always pretty hectic with weather and generally tough to have a specific mowing day. By June 1st the routes are generally stabilized and everyone is given a designated mowing day. On October 1st most lawns will be moved to bi-weekly mowing schedules until growth stops. If it rains on your mowing day you will be pushed back a day. If we are delayed more than one day you will be notified by email to let you know when you can expect us.


What if my lawn needs mowed more often than every 7 days?

During the rainy season some lawns may need to be cut more often than weekly. If we notice growth of over 6 inches we will do our best to make everything look good including double cutting, dispersing any clumps, and bagging if necessary. We will then schedule your next cut for a 4 or 5 day schedule until it slows to normal growth.

Can you come every 2 weeks?

We do not offer bi-weekly mowing unless drought conditions call for it.

What equipment do you use?  

We use commercial grade walk-behind mowers, trimmers, edgers and blowers. We sharpen our blades twice a week (and daily during the wet season) to give a crisp cut. Our smaller mowers will not cause the ruts and compaction like the big zero-turn rider mowers that most companies use. They are also the perfect size to get through gated back yards and to use on hills. Small and medium sized lawns are mowed with 21', 30", and 36" walk behinds. Large lawns are mowed with 30", 36", and 48" walk behinds.

What do you do with leaves in the fall?

Starting October 1st most lawns will be moved to bi-weekly mowing schedules. We will continue to mow and mulch the leaves until the scope of work moves from mowing to a leaf clean-up. 

How long is my contract?  

We don't require any contracts for our mowing customers.  Just let us know you want to sign up for either our Premium or Discount weekly service and we'll be there!  You must get at least 6 consecutive cuts to qualify for our low weekly rate.  If you decide to cancel before the 6 mow minimum you will be billed the higher one time mowing rate for the cuts you received. Otherwise we'll mow until the end of mowing season. If service is not cancelled we will consider you on the route for the following year.

How do I cancel?

If you decide you want to cancel service just give us at least 48 hours notice before your next scheduled mowing time.

What if I have a complaint?

If you find something unsatisfactory with our service just call or email us and we'll be there the next day to address and fix the issue.

What about my pets?

Please try to keep your pet in an enclosed area on mowing day. If you have a pet in your fenced in back yard we will take care to only open the gate to get our mowers in and out. We always double check to make sure we have left the gate closed when we leave. We cannot be responsible for any escaped pet.  Please pick up after your pet. If excessive doggie piles become a problem we will have to pick them up and charge a fee.

What if my yard doesn't need mowed?

If we have extended periods without rain your lawn may not need weekly maintenance. If this is the case we will switch to 10 day or

bi-weekly mowing as needed. We wont mow if it doesn't need it.

What height do you cut at?

Unless instructed otherwise by the homeowner we will always mow at 3 inches. This is the best height to mow almost all our native Iowan grasses.  Please realize asking us to cut lower than 3 inches will damage your lawn over time. Exceptions are first or last cuts which we like to cut lower.

What if you hit or damage my property?

Please remove all garden hoses, sprinklers, toys, and other movable objects from the yard. Items left in the yard will be mowed around. If you feel we have damaged your property call us within 24 hours and we will meet you at your earliest convenience to assess the damage and come to an agreement. We will not accept responsibility for damage to unseen items.

Will you bag the clippings?

We do not bag.  Our mowers mulch the clippings and disperse them back into your lawn.  This returns vital nutrients and is the best mowing method for a healthy lawn.

To sign up or inquire about service just fill out the contact form below.